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How the area has changed.

Neighbours at Hikuwai are busy building. Some are already living there and gardens are being planted and people are talking to each other as they wander.

The Supermarket at Wigram Skies is open as are the cafes and other businesses in that block. Few minutes in the car to calm shopping or a good walk or wandery bike ride.

It is really interesting to have a look from the sky using Google Earth and see what we have now or in February when this image was taken

and then by selecting the time line tracker icon

see how the whole area has developed. We are a very small part of the big changes but we think we are one of the very good parts and getting better and better. We need to keep the green spaces and we are aiming to make the most of ours in the centre block.

The image below was taken just prior to the 2010 earthquakes. So much has changed in so many ways for all of us since then.

Street view of Awatea Road near Hikuwai in 2012 was like this --- a wee bit different now.

#googleearth #wigramskies #2010earthquake #openspaces #hikuwai

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