Sections cost too much, and many subdivisions are poorly laid out and are boring because of the limitations put on building design.


Affordable sections (Individual Freehold Title) through Cooperative Action for those who:

  • have to shift and can't afford current prices;

  • want to help get Christchurch moving again.

  • want to live in a greener neighbourhood not a typical subdivision where you don't know your neighbours

  • can't afford current section prices and want to save $50,000 by accepting some risk themselves;

Co-operate with a group of people to get a section in the same area as you at a 30% discount to typical current market prices. Sections are ordinary freehold sections as in any other subdivision


(Formerly Awatea)


Meaning "source of a river" or a new beginning, Hikuwai is our flagship project. With this development we are creating a "pocket neighbourhood", of individual titles but with an additional shared community garden,green community spaces, high-quality house and landscape design and cost-effective housing. Click here for all the details. 


any houses ave been completed and the owners are happily living in them. One 2 bedroom  house will be built in the centre block and will be available for sale in early 2019

If you don't think you can afford the house but you have a combined household income  of at least $60,000 and some savings ( either int he bank or in Kiwisaver) we may be able to help via the Community Housing Trust. Get in touch, 


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