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What is Cooperative Sections?

We help you to be your own developer and create a
long-lasting home in a community which has what you need for a sum you can afford

Cooperative Sections is a Christchurch-based organisation designed to help people to work together to get homes which they can afford, and in a community which they will enjoy living in. We do this by

  • Identifying blocks of land which are well-located for potential members,and then organizing interested people to buy and develop the land. Typically we would expect to help you get your section 30% cheaper than if you bought it on the open market. In essence we help you be your own property developer

  • Creating a Community, and not just a Subdivision. We do this by working with innovative urban designers such as Paul Downton, landscape architects such as Wraight and Associates, architects such as Ariana Gregovic and  Leadbetter Carr. 

  • Managing the developer risk to minimize it for members. The biggest risk for a developer is "No buyer" at the end of the prpoject. If you want a section, you don't have that risk.

  • Sorting out the legal pitfalls to do with the Securities Act, and setting up a system where your money is protected as you pay your share of development costs.

  • Providing advice on how to build cost- effectively. We are particularly keen on helping you to minimize your life-time costs by instaliing very good insulation, and by designing space so that it can be used for different purposes during your lifetime. You get all that you need, and don't  pay for more than you need.

  • Put you in touch with the Community Housing Trust, which may be able to offer a finance package to make affordable the home you thought you'd never be able to get. 

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