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Housing Matters -- it really does.

This is also the title of a series of tours and presentations happening in Christchurch in March.

the sub title of the series is " Learn, Share, Connect, Collaborate, Innovate."

Suits our thinking as Cooperative Sections.

You do need to register for this series and all the details are on the website.

Date: 9 March 2016. 7.30am - 1pm

1. Visit the Rex Street apartments built by Laing Properties using Metrapanel, and hear from Grant Laing Sponsored by Laings and Metra.

2. Visit the Concision factory and hear from Peter Freeman, Mike Greer Homes.Concision and Jacks

3. Followed by a free presentation on straw bale prefab construction from UK architect Craig White, 12pm-1pm. Sponsored by NZ Steel.

More Information here

Venue for Craig White talk: Fendalton Library and Service Centre, 4 Jeffreys Road, Christchurch Cost: Ticket price: $50 - includes bus tour and breakfast. The Craig White talk is free, open to the public and can be attended separately to the tour.

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